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Nexus FlowRelief Pad

Nexus FlowRelief Pad

LADIES! STOP SUFFERING ON YOUR MENSTRUAL PERIODS! Relieve menstrual pain in a matter of seconds with the science of The Nexus Period Belt!

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Introducing - The Nexus FlowRelief Pad Relief menstrual pain within 30 seconds! 

Finally - The comfortable and discreet solution to menstrual pain ~ The Nexus FlowRelief Pad. Woman - made, with comfort and simplicity in mind, our premium materials allow for a luxurious and effective vibrations and warmth to relieve your menstrual pain.

Heating Pads - The Nexus Period Belt's built-in heating pads deliver a gentle, soothing heat to your lower abdomen that supports an increase in blood flow - relaxing your lower abdomen muscles with safe, comfortable, and warm vibrations.

Targeted Pain Relief - The Nexus Period Belt is engineered to provide pinpoint relief, directly targeting areas of discomfort in the lower back and abdomen. Whether you're experiencing the burden of muscle tension, stomach pain, or cramps, our technology delivers targeted relief where it's needed most. Allowing for a comfortable and less-painful menstrual cycle.

Simple and practical - The Nexus Period Belt was made with simplicity and discreetness in mind. With out simple control center, you can adjust vibrations, temperatures, and intensity with the click of a button. Thanks to our rechargeable design, we ensure repeated use without the hassle of changing batteries.

Varying sizes - The belt's adjustable strap fits comfortably around your waist. Made from high-quality polymer, it insures a soft, lightweight, and discreet use. Wither your use is on-the-go or at home - your guaranteed to feel relief from menstrual pain within seconds.

For a limited time, when you order today, you get the following items for FREE:

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  • Nexus FlowRelief Pad ($39.99)

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So, if you feel:

  • excruciating
  • all-consuming
  • uncomfortable
  • stabbing
  • intense
  • piercing

Pain in your menstrual cycle - start feeling relief, with. . . The Nexus FlowRelief Pad

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